Wednesday, 13 July 2011

**Real Illusion**

Yes there are dual worlds inside me. One world full of thousands of people around me; another of just a selected few. One is of data, limits and mists while other is pure with dreams and melodies. One where I am unable to notice even the rise and fall of the sun and other where I can lose myself in numerous twinkling stars, run the streams of thoughts in my mind. Difference among these two is just like that between the day and the night.

They say dark is devilish; God gave the light to Earth. But I find myself inclined toward the night as it gives a way to me to my dreams. It makes me forget the jolt of the calculating world over my head.  I can easily skip in this other world.  I can fly with the birds; walk over Atlanta, dance with the swaying wind, talk to the red roses and play with the polar bear.

The big crowded world shouts so loud with advises and instructions that I even forget my name. Though in the shiny world inside I hear the sound of my heartbeats and remember lyrics of all favorite songs. They both are connected very well to one another. When I do not get what I wish I switch to this other world, when the people so close make me realize they are still part of this one and their own world, I chose to break out in the alternate. I don’t remember when and how it started. All I know that this is enchanting and perfect for me. I do not have all the things but those chosen things are mine. I can be the queen if I want and make you sing for me. I can write anything and cry anytime I want.